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(Establishment and Development)


Saudi Armed Forces .. Construction & Development

presented to HRH Abdulrahman bin Abdul Aziz
on behalf of Saudi Royal Air Defense forces
Jeddah 1998


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .. Establishment & Unity

presented to HRH Sultan bin Abdul Aziz
on behalf of Royal Saudi Air Defense forces
Jeddah in 1998

HRH Sultan bin Abdul Aziz recived his gift

It has to be said that Air Defense Forces achieved the first position among the four branches of Saudi Armed forces in the occasion of establishing Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 100 years ago. 60.000 prints with different sizes were distributed all over the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the occasion.

HRH Majid bin Abdul Aziz Governor of Makkah Region  Director General of Saudi Airlines  Director of Civil Aviation  Director of Airport Projects
Governor of Makkah Region - Director General of Saudi Airlines - Director of Civil Aviation - Director of Airport Projects

Mayor of Jeddah Municipality  Director of Jeddah Water Desalination  General Director of Education, Makkah Region  The Civil Defence
Mayor of Jeddah Municipality - Director of Jeddah Water Desalination - Director of Education, Makkah Region - The Civil Defence

Artist Essam Azouz working on the painting



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